fake grass installation Anaheim

fake grass installation Anaheim

Celestinos Artificial Turf sets the standard for quality in artificial grass. With the water crisis in California, more people today are turning to the artificial grass as a solution. However, when it comes to fake grass installation in Anaheim, this task is best left to an experienced professional.

At Celestinos Artificial Turf, we utilize a proven step-by-step process that allows us to achieve the perfect installation every time. Plus, we have all of our own tools and equipment to get any job done as quickly, efficiently, and as precisely as possible.

The Process of Fake Grass Installation in Anaheim

We’ll start by digging out your lawn and topsoil to a depth of 100 millimeters. Then, we edge the entire area where the artificial grass will be laid. There are two options here:

  1. Edge the area using tanalized timber secured with timber buttons
  2. Edge the area using a decorative edging block with an internal concrete haunch

The third step is to lay the sub-base. We’ll roll out the weed membrane and cut it to fit the area. We’ll then need to use an MOT Type 1 and lay it out evenly across the whole area, compacting two layers to a depth of 70-75 millimeters.

Step 4 is the bedding layer. The bedding layer can be comprised of either sharp sand or granite dust. We’ll fill the area with your chosen material, screed, and compact again until it is flush with the edge restraint.

After that, we’ll add a second layer of weed membrane. The membrane also makes it easy to get the artificial grass into place. Once this second membrane is secure, we can then install the artificial grass.

Before we install your artificial grass, we’ll leave it unwrapped and unrolled for at least two to three hours to let it settle. The pile should be dark green in color when facing the property or the main viewpoint.

When measuring for a fake grass installation, it is important that you always leave an additional 5 centimeters of grass on all sides. This leaves enough material to create the perfect edge. We’ll use a sharp knife to cut the grass, as it is important to make sure we cut through the latex backing cloth and not the grass itself to give a better finish.

We’ll pin the grass to the edge restraint using pan head screws every 150 to 200 millimeters. Then, we have to join the artificial grass, starting by making a cut to your joint by removing two to five rows of stitches from both pieces of grass. This will make for a much neater seam! We’ll position the first piece of grass loosely over the weed membrane. Then, position the second piece of grass next to the first, ensuring that the pile runs in the same direction, carefully moving the rolls into position until the joint is no longer visible.

Once we’re happy with the position, we’ll roll back the two pieces of grass and roll some joining tape. Finally, we’re ready to add the finishing touches. If you are not prepared to DIY, call Celestinos¬†Artificial Turf for fake grass installation in Anaheim.


fake grass installation Anaheim

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fake grass installation Anaheim

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