Orange County Garden Design

Orange County Garden Design

Landscape designers in Orange County have borrowed almost all good ideas from various times and regions. Over the years, these professionals have created unique garden designs that are almost instantly recognizable. Today, many homeowners in Orange County believe their lives are interconnected with the landscape. Their gardening design in Orange County, CA, capitalizes on Orange County’s unique climate. Here are the latest trends in Orange County Garden Design.

Low Maintenance

Orange County garden designers believe the more mess you have on your garden, the more stress you will have. Cleaning up a messy garden can be quite overwhelming, which is why many gardeners in Orange County are keener on looking for ideas that will simplify their gardening.

Your landscape designer and contractor in Orange County may recommend planting perennial plants in groups based on their watering requirements. Consult Orange County landscape architects for plant suggestions. In addition, remove messy trees and shrubs that do not have any ecological significance. For instance, remove all those trees that drop leaves into your pool or creep into pathways.

Invest in an automated irrigation system to water your plants even when you are away. In addition, choose low maintenance hardscaping materials that do not require constant repair or maintenance.

Staycation Spots

Make your landscaping in Orange County so beautiful it feels like a perfect vacation spot all year round. Create a staycation spot right in your yard to enjoy from the comfort of your home. Keep the spot low maintenance so that you do not have to spend significant amounts of time and money each year on its upkeep. In addition, add weatherproof speakers systems to your yard to enjoy your favorite tracks while outside.  In addition, install outdoor lighting to make the yard easy to access in the dark. Consider installing an outdoor kitchen for those tasty barbecues.

Focal Points

Install structures such as equipment boxes, sheds, walls, and pools to act as focal points for your backyard. Make these structures beautiful because you will probably be seeing them every day. For a structure to act as a focal point in your garden, it must be eye-catching rather than an eyesore.

Secluded Spaces

Include private, secluded spaces in your backyard. Create the perfect getaways in your garden with small retreats or spaces for relaxation and meditation. Private, secluded spaces in gardens are becoming increasingly popular because people are aware of mindfulness’s importance in their lives.

Create a private retreat in your garden with just enough seating for two. In addition, consider installing a water feature to add to the elements of relaxation and calm. Ensure the space is surrounded by lush plants such as a pergola or arbor for that overhead enclosure. Consider building a wall to separate the secluded space from the rest of the garden. Alternatively, plant small narrow plants to act as screens for the retreat. Plants with neutral colors are best for such garden retreats because they create a sense of calm and order.

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