Planter Pots For Sale Orange County

Planter Pots For Sale Orange County

If you don’t have a garden or spacious grow-room to grow new varieties, growing in pots, containers or planters can be a convenient and aesthetic solution. For indoor and outdoor cultivation, it’s possible to grow your vegetable garden in pots!

At California Plantscapes, we specialize in interior and exterior plant decoration. Our plant decoration services include; installation, sales of materials, leasing of equipment, patioscaping, and general maintenance. We also have planter pots for sale in Orange County.

There are many kinds of jars with different shapes, materials, or colors. The material used is a significant element in your choice.

Our Planter Pots

We have various kinds of planter pots amidst which are;

  • The terracotta pot

Terracotta is a porous material that allows the soil and roots to breathe. It also lets the water evaporate, which often causes lime stains to appear on the pot’s outer walls that are difficult to clean and disinfect. This evaporation will require more regular watering in high heat. Heavier than a plastic pot, it stabilizes the assembly more on the ground. Earthenware pots are fragile in the event of impact or fall.

  • Varnished terracotta pots

Unlike the pot above, this gives no room for evaporation; varnished terracotta pots are more expensive.

  • The plastic pot

Plastic is a waterproof material and does not allow the root ball to breathe. Evaporation will only take place from above. These are the most economical models. They are lightweight and do not provide stability for your plants, especially when they have large foliage. They have the advantage of being cleaned very easily. Not all plastic pots are frost resistant. Some become brittle very quickly. The pot’s color will also influence since a black pot will absorb heat, unlike a white pot.

  • The ceramic pot

Ceramic is a frost-resistant and waterproof material. The ceramic pot comes in many shapes and colors; it’s often very decorative. They are also more expensive.

  • The glass jar

Very trendy, the glass jar allows fantasies. You can place colorful logs and hydroculture plants in it, but it will require maintenance. This type of pot can also have educational benefits for children to the extent that they can discover plant roots’ development. The hyacinth is also often used in schools. Glass is fragile.

  • The metal pot

Modern metal has the disadvantage of heating up when exposed to the sun and can get scorching hot, which no plant roots appreciate. It also has the disadvantage of oxidizing over time.

  • The wooden bin

Oak, chestnut, teak, or rot-proof exotic wood have the advantage of being insensitive to frost and being resistant to bad weather. They enhance orangery plants, but they require regular maintenance to retain all their characteristics.

Need Help with planter Pots?

We offer the best customer service around. We are expert wholesalers and retailers, and our goal is to help you grow your Orange County garden, landscape, or nursery business! 

Our collections of modern planter pots have models for every taste and desire, so you’ll always find something that suits your aesthetic design, from classic to natural-looking plant pots.

Let’s get started with something unique to bring life to your taste and desire regarding your plant design. Contact California Plantscapes to get a quote or to learn more about our company/services: 866-668-2929.

Planter Pots For Sale Orange County