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Several homeowners believe all they have to do is to plant trees, and nature will take care of the rest. Though this may be true in the forest, in your yard, trees need maintenance and special care to stay beautiful and healthy for years to come. Not sure where to start maintaining and caring for your tree? Here are some useful tips that can help keep your tree well-maintained and healthy.

Plant the right trees

It is important you choose the right tree for the right place. So, make sure you consider how wide and tall the tree will be when it matures, how fast it will grow, will it fit in the available space, and what the shape will be like – a round ball or a tall column. For instance, you may love to grow oak, but will it fit perfectly well into your surroundings when it’s fully grown.

Moreover, it is important around the autumn to take into consideration if any leaves will fall onto the street or your driveway. Make sure you are wary of where the leaves may fall because wet leaves can be slippery.


One of the best things you can do for your tree is to mulch it correctly. Mulching is the utilization of material on the ground in the place where the trees are growing. Trees drop their branches and leave right around themselves and then absorb the nutrients as they go down the soil.

Mulching can be helpful for trees that have been replanted, and the amount you need will depend on the size of the tree itself. However, most tree bases require between 3-10′ of mulch around the tree.

Are you watering regularly?

Even if your trees are thriving and well-established, without regular water, your trees can still suffer, especially during the dry seasons. If you have newly planted trees, make sure they are watered consistently to help them flourish in the new soil and establish roots.

Whenever your tree is growing, it is normal for it to use a lot of water. It takes a lot of water for a tree to grow, and if you are in the middle of the summer, it might need even more water. Water until the soil around the trees is moist if you want them to remain healthy.

Do you need a pruning service?

Trees need to be pruned to maintain a healthy and beautiful appearance. This service is a job you can do yourself or with the help of a professional. However, several homeowners think pruning is a service they can handle, but if done improperly, pruning their trees can cause them to be unhealthy. Properly pruning makes sure that your trees continue to grow, but this takes years of training to do right. Make sure that you hire a reputable and reliable tree service provider if you want the job to be done correctly.

Want to learn more about the right tree maintenance and care? Are you looking for tree service in Bryant? Our team at Brothers Tree Service can help. Contact us today if you require any tree service in Bryant.

Tree service in Bryant

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