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Trees can make the outdoor of your home beautiful. Having trees in your yard may create a place to hang a tire swing, opportunities for a shaded lounge area, somewhere to build a treehouse and aesthetically pleasing environment. As much as scrubs and trees can add to your property, they require proper maintenance to help protect your property and give your house the best look. Pruning is important to removing damaged limbs, promote good plant health, maintain shape, and encourage new growth.

Why is it important to prune trees?

A well-maintained shrub or tree is healthier and looks better. For a starter, properly pruned trees and shrubs help maintain safety. For instance, you may have to remove low-growing branches, that could impede passing vehicles or strike passersby. Also, pruning can affect the direction in which a plant grows, and each time you cut, you can influence the direction you want it to go. Moreover, flowering plants can be pruned to increase fruit and yields of blossoms.

When to prune

Though pruning your trees and scrubs at the wrong time won’t damage them, it can sacrifice that year’s fruit or flowers. The general rule is that you should prune spring-blooming trees and shrubs the instant the flowers fade. And prune spring-flowering shrubs and trees in late winter or early spring, before the emergence of new growth.

In areas that have extreme winters, pruning in the late summer encourages new growth that might not solidify before the cold comes in. If you have any doubts about the right time to prune a particular tree or scrub, contact Brothers Tree Service for advice.

Do you know your right to prune?

Just as tree branches and leaves that fall on your property are yours to clean up, no matter whose tree the branches and leaves came from, you also typically have the right to trim any tree part that is on your property. For instance, if a branch from your neighbor’s tree brings in squirrels, it is within your rights to have such limb removed. However, you can’t cut it beyond your property line.

Call the expert

The truth of the matter is that you need to hire a professional tree service provider if you want to get the job done properly and on time. If you truly want your trees and scrubs to stay healthy, it is important that you call a professional. The tree service providers have years of training to make sure they could prune and trim any tree and scrub effectively.

The problem with proper pruning trees is that they usually depend on several different individualities of a particular tree. It will be very difficult to get the job done right if you don’t know how to get the job done.

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Tree service in Sherwood

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